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Earl Hamner Storyteller

A diverse group of actors, directors, producers, family and friends all come together to share their memories of Earl Hamner, Jr. and working on various shows and movies he has written. Television shows including The Twilight Zone, Falcon Crest, Appalachian Autumn, Gentle Ben, Nanny and the Professor and The Waltons are highlighted. Movies such asSpencer's Mountain, Palm Springs Weekend, Heidi and Charlotte's Web are also included. This documentary film celebrates Earl Hamner the man, the storyteller, and how he has enriched our lives through his writing.

Earl Hamner once said, "There were eight of us. Tall, lean, fine-boned, red- headed youngsters growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia during the Depression. My father called us 'his thoroughbreds,' and put us on a pedestal. CBS called us 'The Waltons,' and put us on television."  These stories and more in "EARL HAMNER STORYTELLER"


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